CASIS 2004 Annual International Conference

October 14-16, 2004, Ottawa, Ontario

Crown Plaza Hotel

Conference Registration Form

Draft Programme (As of July 2004)




Thursday, October 14


10:00 am         Conference Registration (available until 5:00 pm)             Lower Lobby foyer


1:15 pm           Opening and President’s Report                                           Ballroom A and B

                                                Tony Campbell


1:45 pm           Keynote Speaker: The New Security Environment            Ballroom A and B

in Canada: Are We Getting It Right?                                              

                                                Presenter: TBA


2:30 pm           Break                                                                                      Ballroom foyer


2:50 pm           Panel 1: Canada and Domestic Security Policy:                   Ballroom A and B

Are We Getting It Right?                                                     

·        The National Security Policy

·        Democratic oversight (security, intelligence and law enforcement)

·        Role of Auditor General

·        Bill C-36 and comparative anti-terrorism legislation and civil liberties

·        Lessons learned

                                    Chair: TBA     Panelists: TBA


4:15 pm           Break                                                                                      Ballroom foyer


4:30 pm           Panel 2: Canada and Major Domestic Security Issues:      Ballroom A and B

Are We Getting Them Right?

·        Cross-border security

·        Transport security – sea, land and air

·        Intelligence collection in a pluralistic society

                                    Chair: TBA     Panelists: TBA


6:00 pm           Close of Session

6:15 pm           President’s Reception (no host)                                             Penthouse level

Networking opportunities and the brief introductions

of selected practitioners and scholars

·        2004 Weller Memorial Prizes for Student Research

Achievement. (Weller Prize Committee:

David Charters, Gerard Hervouet, Rob Huebert)

Presenter: Minister of Public Safety and

Emergency Preparedness (Invited)

Winners: TBA

·        Inauguration of The Marcel Cadieux – C.H. Little

Heritage Award

                                                Introduction: Wesley Wark

Presenter: Minister of Public Safety and

Emergency Preparedness (Invited)

                                                First recipient: TBA


7:15 pm           Conference Gala Dinner                                                       Ballroom A and B

                                    Inauguration of the CASIS Distinguished Lecture

                                    Tentative topic “Should Intelligence Have Seen

9/11 Coming and Will We Foresee the Next Attack?”

                                                Thomas Powers

                                                Author and Commentator

                                                Pulitzer Prize Winner for National Reporting




8:30 am           Conference Registration (continues until 5:00 pm) Lower Lobby foyer


Panel 3: Canada and International Security:                       Ballroom A and B

Are We Getting It Right?

·        Afghanistan

·        Iraq

·        The War on Terrorism

                                    Chair: TBA     Panelists: TBA


9:45 am           Break                                                                                      Ballroom foyer


10:15 am         Panel 4: US Leadership in the Global War on                     Ballroom A and B

Terrorism: Are They Getting It Right?

Chair: TBA     Panelists: TBA


11:30 am         Panel 5: A Debate and Vote: Should Canada Have A         Ballroom A and B

Foreign Human Intelligence Collection Service?

Chair: TBA     Panelists: TBA

12:30 pm         Buffet Lunch                                                                          Ballroom A and B


                                                JOHN TAIT MEMORIAL LECTURE

                                                            Chair: TBA     Presenter: TBA         


2:15 pm           Concurrent Panels on Major Analytical Issues                              


Panel 6: Proliferation Challenges Post 9/11:                       Ballroom A and B        

Are We Getting Them Right?

Chair: TBA     Panelists: TBA


Panel 7: Practical Problems of Analysis Post 9/11 - Victoria Room

Part 1: International Perspectives

Chair: TBA     Panelists: TBA


3:30 pm           Break                                                                                      Ballroom foyer


3:45 pm           Panel 8: The War of Persuasion: The National and            Ballroom A and B

International Media Response Post 9/11:

Are They Getting It Right?

Chair: TBA     Panelists: TBA


5:15 pm           Emerging Scholars Roundtable                                             Ballroom A and B

                                    The two winning Weller Prize papers will be

presented by the authors and discussed by a

panel in the context of emerging research and scholarship

                                    Chair: TBA                 Winners: TBA


6:15 pm           Close of Session - Free Evening


8:00 pm           CASIS Public Lecture                                                            Ballroom A and B

                        THE IMPORTANCE OF SPY FICTION                           

Presenter:       David Ignatius

                        Author and journalist

                        Washington Post

This special event is open to the public but with priority

going to Conference participants who sign up with the

Conference Secretariat by 6:00 pm on Thursday 15 Oct 04

                        Public Admission $10             Conference Participants $5




8:30 am           Panel 9: Practical Problems of Analysis                               Victoria Room

Post 9/11 - Part II: Practitioners’ Perspectives

Chair: TBA     Panelists: TBA



9:30 am           Panel 10: Failed States and the Progress of                        Ballroom A and B

Democracy in the Western Hemisphere

Chair: TBA     Panelists: TBA


10:30 am         Break                                                                                      Ballroom foyer


10:45 am         Keynote Speaker: What Intelligence History Can Tell      Ballroom A and B

                                    Us About the Challenges of the Future.

                                    Dr. Christopher Andrew (TBC)

                                    Cambridge University


11:45 am         Panel 11: The Intelligence-Policy Interface Post-Iraq:       Ballroom A and B

Have We Got It Right?

Chair: TBA     Panelists: TBA


1: 00 pm          Wrap-Up Panel: Summary and Conclusions.                        Ballroom A and B

                                    Chair: TBA     Panelists: TBA


1:30 pm           Close of Conference                                                              Ballroom A and B


                        Light Lunch for those attending AGM                                     Ballroom A and B


1:45 pm           CASIS ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING                           Ballroom A and B


All members are welcome. See AGM info on the CASIS website.