CASIS 2002:

International Conference on:

The New Intelligence Order: Knowledge for Security and International Relations"

Crowne Plaza Hotel, 101 Lyon Street
Ottawa, Ontario

September 26th, 27th, 28th, 2002

Registration: The Conference will run from 1300 on September 26thto 1300 on 28th. The Conference fee is $180 in Canadian funds which includes CASIS membership for 2002-2003, the Conference Dinner and Lunch, and refreshments during breaks. Full-time students and retirees are offered a reduced fee of $90. You may register for the Conference by sending a cheque, made payable to CASIS and drawn on a Canadian bank, to Angela Gendron, CASIS Conference Administrator, 23 Sandhurst Court, Ottawa, Ontario K1V9W9 (Canada). Credit cards cannot be accepted. Please remember to include with your cheque your full name, address, institutional affiliation if any, telephone number and e-mail address. A receipt for tax purposes is available upon request.

Places at CASIS 2002 international conference will be limited. Participants will be accommodated on a first come, first served basis. The Ottawa 2000 Conference was over subscribed and latecomers could not be included. You are therefore urged to secure your place by sending your cheque as soon as possible.

Accommodation: The Crowne Plaza Hotel is located in downtown Ottawa and offers discounted rates for CASIS participants who book early. If you wish to reserve a room, please telephone either the central Crowne Plaza booking service on 1-800-2CROWNE, or the hotel itself (613) 237-3600 ext 620 mentioning the Canadian Association for Security and Intelligence Studies.

The CASIS Annual General Meeting will be held between 1800-1900 on the evening of 27th. Membership benefits include a 20% discount on Frank Cass & Co publications which includes such journals as: Intelligence and National Security and Terrorism and Political Violence as well as books in the series Studies in Intelligence.




Welcome: (13:00-13:10) Martin Rudner (CASIS President)

John Tait Memorial Lecture: Introduction

Anthony Campbell (Vice President, CASIS)

Address by: Morris Rosenberg (Deputy Minister of Justice)

Vote of Thanks: Holly Porteous (CASIS)


Plenary Session (1300 - 13:30): The Aftermath of 11 September: Repercussions for Intelligence:

Chair: Keith Coulter (Communications Security Establishment)


John Gannon (Former D/Director of Intelligence CIA; Head of the National Intelligence Council)"The Impact of September 11th on the US Security and Intelligence System"

John Morrison (former head of intelligence analysis, UK Ministry of Defence): "The Response of the British Intelligence Community."

Reg Whitaker (University of Victoria): "September 11 and the Canadian Security and Intelligence Community"


Refreshments (15:30-15:45)


Plenary Roundtable: Security Perspectives in the Middle East (15:45 -17:30)


Chair: John McNee (Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade)


Mira Sucharov (Carleton): Israel

Tozun Bahcheli (University of Western Ontario): Turkey

Houchang Hassan-Yari (Royal Military College): Iran, Saudi Arabia, Gulf States

Sami Aoun (University of Sherbrooke): Lebanon, Syria.

Rachad Antonius (Rights & Democracy): Egypt and the Palestinian Authority


Plenary (17:30-18:30): Student Panel

Chair: Wesley Wark (University of Toronto)


18:30-1930 Cocktails in the conference foyer



Keynote Speech: Richard Faddon (Deputy Clerk, Counsel and Security and Intelligence Coordinator, Privy Council Office) "The View from Ottawa"




Breakout Session (08:30-10:00): Intelligence Museology

Chair: Christopher Terry (President and CEO, Canadian Science and Technology Museum Corporation)


Mark Seaman (UK Cabinet Office): "'I Never Joke About My Work' - The Trials and Tribulations of Creating the Imperial War Museum's 'Secret War' Gallery."

Peter Ernest (International Spy Museum, Washington DC): "The Presentation of Intelligence in the International Spy Museum: Lessons Learned"

Dean Oliver (Canadian War Museum): "Intelligence History and the Canadian War Museum"


Breakout Session (08:30-10:00): Comparative Approaches to Intelligence Studies

Chair: Daryl Rock (Social Science and Humanities Research Council)

Anthony Campbell (CASIS): "Canadian Perspectives on Intelligence Studies"

Roy Weise (Sherman Kent Center for Intelligence Analysis, CIA): "Training Analysts: The Intelligence Device Supreme"

John Morrison (former head of intelligence analysis, U.K. Ministry of Defence): "Approaches to Intelligence Studies in the UK"

Roger George (U.S. National Defence University) "Teaching Intelligence in Military Institutions"


10:00- 10:15 Refreshments


Distinguished Guest Speaker (10:15-10:45)

Margaret Bloodworth (Deputy Minister of National Defence)


Breakout Session (11:00-12:30): Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism

Chair: Ward Elcock (Director, Canadian Security Intelligence Service)


Greg Treverton (RAND): "US Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism"

Yigal Sheffy (Tel Aviv University): "Israeli Intelligence Community and Counter-Terrorism"

Ronald Crelinsten (University of Ottawa): "Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism in a Multi-Centric World"

Breakout Session (11:00-12:30): Intelligence Creativity and Innovation

Chair: Dan Livermore (Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade)


Carol Dumaine (Global Futures Partnership Sherman Kent School "The New International Order: A view from 2012"

Robert Steele (OSS Net): "Harnessing the Distributed Intelligence of the Whole Earth"

Johan Truyens (Belgium Ministry of Defence): "OSINT: The Price is a Surprise"


Conference Lunch (12:30)

Keynote Speaker:

Giuliano Zaccardelli (Commissioner, Royal Canadian Mounted Police) "Intelligence, Security and the Integration of Law Enforcement"



Breakout (14:00-15:30): Critical Infrastructure and Homeland Security

Chair: Margaret Purdy (Associate Deputy Minister, Office of Critical Infrastructure Protection and Emergency Preparedness, Department of National Defence)


Kevin O'Brien (Rand-Europe, Cambridge): "Intelligence for Asymmetry: The New Terrorism and Critical Infrastructure Protection"

Ron Deibert (University of Toronto): "Internet Security, World Order and Democratic Governance"

Nancy Wong (US Critical Infrastructure Assurance Office) "Critical Infrastructure Assurance: The American Experience"


Breakout (14:00-15:30): Intelligence, Democracy, and Counter-Terrorism

Chair: Nicole Jauvin (Deputy Solicitor General)

David Charters (University of New Brunswick): "Democracy and Counter-Terrorism: Policy and Practice, Past and Present."

Allan Kagedan (Citizenship and Immigration Canada & Institute of European and Russian Studies, Carleton University): "Striking the Right Balance: National Reactions to Security Threats - What History Teaches."

Arpad Palfy (OCIPEPand Concordia University): "Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism: The Changing World of Contemporary Terrorism and Intelligence 'Failures'"

Clive Jones (University of Leeds): "Intelligence for Defence or the Intelligence of Self-Deception? Israel and the Al-Aqsa Intifada."

Refreshment 15:30-15:45

Breakout (15:45-17:30) Declassification and Intelligence Historiography

Chair: Reg Whitaker (University of Victoria)

Wesley Wark (University of Toronto): "Never to be Seen by Unauthorized Eyes: Intelligence Records in the Canadian Context."

Richard Aldrich (University of Nottingham): Declassification and Secrecy: Considerations in British Intelligence Historiography"

Isabel Campbell (Department of National Defence): "A Bureaucrat's Nightmare or Unofficial Views on What Historians and Archivists Release in the Department of National Defence".

Breakout (15:45-17:30): Intelligence Capabilities

Chair: Gregory Fyffe (Intelligence Assessment Secretariat, Privy Council Office)

Patricia Santa Marina (Argentina): "Argentina's Intelligence System Reform Experience"

Desmond Ball (Australian National University)" Asian SIGINT and Cyber-Warfare Capabilities"

Uri Bar-Joseph (University of Haifa): "Revisiting the Intelligence Failure of the Yom Kippur War"

Kurt Jensen (Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade): "Canada's Foreign Intelligence Interview Program."


Free evening

Saturday, September 28th

Breakout Session (08:30-10:00) Intelligence History

Chair: Paul Kennedy (Senior Assistant Deputy Solicitor-General)


Cees Wiebes (Netherlands Institute for War Documentation) "The Role of Intelligence and Security Services in the Bosnia War, 1992-1995)

Sarah-Jane Corke (Dalhousie University): "George Kennan and the Development of Early Covert Operations"

Amy Knight (Ottawa): "The Gouzenko Affair Revisited"

Don Munton (University of Northern British Columbia): "Our Men in Havana: Washington and Canadian Intelligence on Castro's Cuba"

Breakout Session 08:30-10:00): Business Intelligence Responses to International Terrorism

Chair: John Boatman, (Janes Information Group)


Francois Brouard (Carleton University): "Business Intelligence for Canadian Corporation after September 11."

Scott Hogan (Nortel Networks) "Competitive Intelligence: Business, Markets and Due Diligence"

Craig Fleisher (University of Windsor): "Asian Competitive Intelligence."

Refreshments (10:00-10:30)

Breakout Session (10:30-12:00) International Alliances in the New Intelligence Order

Chair: Lawrence Dickenson (Assistant Secretary to the Cabinet, Privy Council Office)

Olav Riste (Norwegian Institute for Defence Studies): "Cold War Intelligence Cooperation in Northern Europe"

Timothy Crawford (Visiting Fellow, Center of International Studies, Princeton University): "Multilateral Intelligence Cooperation in UN Security Affairs: Counter-Terrorism and other Hard Cases."

Breakout Session (10:30-12:00) The Evolution of Intelligence

Chair: Richard Mosley (Department of Justice)

Wolfgang Krieger (University of Marburg) "The Evolution of German Intelligence Since 1990"

John Schindler (U.S. Department of Defense) "The Persistence of the Counterintelligence State: Implications for the War on Terrorism"

Mark Weeding (University of Tasmania): "Intelligence Oversight in the Australian Parliament: A Critical Examination of Recent Reforms"

Closing Session: (12:00-13:00) Breaking Issues and Wrap Up

Chair: Nicole Jauvin (Deputy Solicitor General)


Martin Rudner

Wolfgang Krieger

Wesley Wark

Please also note that throughout the conference books, journals and articles will be on display in the conference lobby. There will also be an exhibit of intelligence artifacts.