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Friday, September 28

10:00 Conference Registration
11:00 Pre-Conference Background Briefing for the Media
12:15 Bursary Student Meeting
1:00 Conference Opening and President's Welcome

Gavin Cameron, CASIS President, University of Calgary
1:15 Government of Alberta - Official Welcome

Brian Skeet, Assistant Deputy Minister,
Solicitor General and Public Safety
1:45 Keynote Speaker -- to be announced
2:30 Break
3:00 Panel 1 (concurrent)

A Failure of Imagination: What is it? What to do about it?

Chair: Rennie Marcoux, Assistant Secretary to the Cabinet,
Security and Intelligence, Privy Council Office

Panelists: Denis Stairs, Dalhousie University

Paul Pillar, Georgetown University
Third panelist to be announced
3:00 Panel 2 (concurrent)

National Security - What Keeps Us Awake at Night?
Chair: Luc Portelance, Deputy Director, Canadian Security Intelligence Service
Panelists: Assistant Commissioner Mike McDonnell, National Security Criminal Investigations, RCMP

Commander John McDowell, Deputy National Coordinator for Counter-Terrorism, London Metropolitan Police

Willie Hulon, National Security Branch, Federal Bureau of Investigation
5:00 Pre-dinner break
6:15 President's Reception

Weller Prize Winners -- Presentation for Best Graduate and Undergraduate Research Papers

Chair: Suzanne Hurtubise, Deputy Minister, Public Safety Canada
7:00 Gala Dinner


Christopher Andrew, Cambridge University

Chair and Introduction by Jim Judd, Director of CSIS

Saturday, September 29

8:30 Panel 3 (concurrent)

Terrorism - What Next?

Panelists: Pablo Policzer, University of Calgary

Fawaz Gerges, Sarah Lawrence College and ABC News analyst

Melanie Phillips, London Daily Mail and author of Londonistan
8:30 Panel 4 (concurrent)

Teaching Intelligence to Professionals
Chair: Tony Campbell, Carleton University and Royal Roads University
Panelists: Monik Beauregard, Deputy Executive Director, International Assessment Staff, Privy Council Office

Wesley Wark, University of Toronto and University of Ottawa
9:45 Break
10:30 Special CASIS Panel - be be announced
11:30 Keynote Address - David Stafford, University of Edinburgh

From Anarchist Terror to the Cold War: Reflections on the Role of Intelligence

Chair: Greg Fyffe, Executive Director, International Assessment Secretariat, Privy Council Office
12:30 Buffet Lunch

John Gannon, Former Chair United States National Intelligence Council

Chair: Margaret Bloodworth, National Security Advisor to the Prime Minister
2:15 Panel 6 (concurrent)

Strategic Early Warning: Comparing Ways and Means

Chair: Robert Fahlman, Deputy Director, Criminal Intelligence Service of Canada
Panelists: Dr. Greg O'Hayon, Criminal Intelligence Service of Canada

Two additional panelists to be announced
2:15 Panel 7 (concurrent)

Follow the Money: The Evolving World of Financial Intelligence
Chair: Horst Intscher, Director, Financial Tracking and Analysis Centre
Panelists: To be announced
3:30 Break
4:00 Panel 8 (concurrent)

Military Intelligence: Adapting to New Theatres of Operation
Chair: Linda Goldthorp, Department of National Defence
Panelists: Brigadier General David A. Fraser, Commandant, Canadian Forces College Invited

Senior U.S. Defence Intelligence Agency official

Third panelist to be announced
4:00 Panel 9 (concurrent)

Urban Security in the 21st Century -- Understanding the Challenges, Mitigating the Risks

Chair: Stuart Farson, Simon Fraser University
Panelists: Barbara Nadel, Barbara Nadel Architect, New York City

Dr. James Young, Public Safety Canada

Third panelist to be announced
5:15 Panel 10 - Weller Prize Winners to be announced on Day 1 of conference
6:00 Break - Participants to make own dinner arrangements
8:00 Literary Lecture: To be announced

Chair: Wesley Wark, University of Toronto

Sunday, September 30

8:30 CASIS KEYNOTE LECTURE - to be announced
9:15 CASIS Town Hall Meeting -- "Resolved that Canadians are too complacent about the threats to national security"
Chair: Tony Campbell, Carleton University and Royal Roads University
Speakers: Reid Morden, Former Director of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service and Former Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs

Catherine Ford, Former Editor and Columnist, Calgary Herald, verify current affiliation with University of Calgary
10:45 Panel 11 (concurrent)

Securing the Oil Patch: A Case Study in Critical Infrastructure Protection
Panelists: Gal Luft, Executive Director, Institute for the Analysis of Global Security, Washington, D.C.

Al Sauve, Government of Alberta

Third panelist to be announced
10:45 Panel 12 (concurrent)

Evolution of Global Electronic Surveillance

Details to be announced
12:00 Conference Conclusions and Wrap-Up: Looking Back and Looking Ahead

Chair: Gavin Cameron, CASIS President and University of Calgary
1:00 CASIS Annual General Meeting
Open to all CASIS members - includes buffet lunch
3:00 Close of Conference