October 1, 2003,


Dear CASIS Members,


This note proposes some simple, but significant amendments to the CASIS Constitution, to be voted on at the CASIS 2003 AGM in Vancouver, on Saturday, October 18, 2003.


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CASIS has enjoyed steady success in recent years and promises to do even better in the future. In tandem, the workload is growing in quantity and variety. To support that success, it is suggested that there is a need for some re-structuring of the CASIS management system, to provide for a permanent Secretariat, led by an Executive Secretary, which would support the part-time Board of Directors.


In sum, the proposed amendments allow for the formal establishment of a Secretariat and the replacement of the present elected Secretary, with a permanent Executive Secretary appointed by the President and approved by the Board of Directors. The Executive Secretary would set up a permanent Secretariat located in Ottawa, to act as the Association�s �head office,� managing day-to-day Association affairs as directed by the President. There are other changes to be discussed, but they will be pursued in the normal course of Association work throughout the coming year. Right now, the need is simply to establish the position of Executive Secretary and set up the Secretariat. Accordingly, the following constitutional amendments are offered for approval:


a. ������� Paragraph 1.01. DEFINITIONS. After "time to time" delete "executive" and insert "Board." Also delete "secretary, or". After "treasurer" insert "or any other person so designated in writing by the Board."


b.�������� Paragraph 3. HEAD OFFICE. Delete "HEAD OFFICE" and insert



c.�������� Paragraph 3.01. HEAD OFFICE.Delete "HEAD OFFICE" and entire remaining text. Insert "SECRETARIAT. The Association will be served by a permanently established Secretariat, led by an appointed Executive Secretary and composed of personnel as from time to time decided by the Board. Permanent members of the Secretariat may be remunerated as annually agreed upon by the incumbent and the Board, as advised by the Executive Secretary. The Secretariat will be located in Ottawa, but may be moved elsewhere in the best interests of the Association, on approval of the membership.


d.�������� Paragraph 4.01. COMPOSITION. After "board of directors, to be known ..." delete "executive" and insert "the Board." Then, before "shall consist of ..." delete, "The executive" and insert, "The Board." Continue to replace "the executive" with "the Board" throughout.


e.�������� Paragraph 5.01.MANAGEMENT.Add "The Executive will be supported by a permanent Secretariat, led by an appointed Executive Secretary.


f.��������� Paragraph 7.01. OFFICERS.After "treasurer" delete " ... and secretary, and". After "six regional representatives" add "and the Executive Secretary."


g.�������� Paragraph 7.09. SECRETARY. Delete entire paragraph text. Insert "EXECUTIVE SECRETARY. The Executive Secretary shall be appointed by the President, on approval of the Board. The Executive Secretary shall report to the President and shall be responsible for the effective and efficient management of the Secretariat, the routine administrative affairs of the Association as directed by the President, on behalf of the Board and shall support other Board business as required. The Executive Secretary is a permanent, paid position held at the pleasure of the Board and whose remuneration will be agreed upon annually by both the incumbent and the Board.


����������� I will be happy to respond to any questions from Directors or members at any time.







James S. Cox

Brigadier General (Ret�d)

Volunteer Executive Secretary

CASIS Secretariat

[email protected]