About us


    CASIS is a nonpartisan, voluntary association established in 1985 to provide informed debate in Canada on intelligence and national security issues. Membership is open to qualified persons, and currently includes academics, students, concerned citizens, government officials, journalists, lawyers and other professionals, as well as current and former intelligence, security, defence and law enforcement officers in Canada and other countries.

    CASIS also offers opportunities for private companies to negotiate corporate membership and/or sponsorship arrangements; and for departments and agencies at all levels of government, as well as NGOs, think tanks and other not-for-profit organizations to arrange alliances, partnerships and contributing stakeholder agreements for mutual benefit. International membership in CASIS, both individual and organizational, is growing, reflecting the benefits of free exchange in open forum.


    CASIS provides a forum for knowledge sharing and networking on intelligence and security issues among scholars, students, practitioners and other interested persons. Through its annual international conference, regional events, seminars and roundtables, CASIS encourages and facilitates study and debate on theoretical and practical matters that bear on the effectiveness of contemporary intelligence and national security programs, their rationale, challenges and limitations.

    In an increasingly globalized environment, CASIS puts Canadian scholars and practitioners in touch with their counterparts in other countries, to share their views on problems, solutions and best practices that matter to us all.


    CASIS will continue to develop its capacity to support and enhance the effectiveness of intelligence and security professionals, and of their organizations, by providing an interactive website for information exchange on security and intelligence, by assembling scholars and practitioners capable of sharing their expertise and experience, by examining relevant public policy issues and identifying potential solutions, by monitoring related education and training programs and by forging international links with like-minded persons and organizations.


1.01 Definitions and Interpretation. In the absence of an express provision to the contrary or unless the context otherwise requires, in this Constitution:

a. "Association" means the Canadian Association for Security and Intelligence Studies;
b. "Board" means the board of directors;
c. "Constitution" means this document as amended from time to time;
"Officer" means the president, vice president, or treasurer or any other person so designated in writing by the Board; and
d. "simple majority" means fifty per cent plus one of the vote case in a meeting.

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